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  1. K

    Experienced Appraiser Trainee Looking For Supervisor In California

    My name is Kenny Schumacher and I'm living in the Bay Area. I'm 27, fairly involved in real estate (have a couple of SFRs in Alabama and invest in an apartment complex in Sacramento), am knowledgeable in completing residential appraisal reports (I co-founded a company alongside a certified...
  2. Hydei

    Appraisal Trainee

    Hello everyone, If you are interested to work with a professional appraise who has a lot of experience in this market and to be familiar with soft wares and know how to reconcile, please contact to me and see attached my resume. I am very persistent and reliable to work with and grow our business.
  3. A

    Phoenix, AZ - *Motivated Veteran* seeking trainee position

    Hello! I’m a very motivated veteran with a bachelor's degree in search of an Appraisal Trainee position. I’m hard working and eager to begin a successful career. Thank you, Zack 602-five77-8one63
  4. ChristianG

    AZ Trainee Education recommendation

    Hello, fellow appraisers, A friend in AZ wants to become a trainee. He's got a mentor but looking for a school. I learned with Georgia MLS Training education (back in 2017) and I thought it was good. I remember the whole thing was about $650. Now he's asking me about education but I only know...
  5. patbritton

    Seeking trainer/mentor for SE Michigan (A2, Ypsi, Wayne County, etc.)

    I am a former realtor (+5 years), loan officer (+3 years) and investment advisor (+10 years), now seeking to join the appraisal industry. I am hoping there might be a CR or CG in SE Michigan who's looking for some competent help and assistance in exchange for training :) I know, it's a process...
  6. L

    Appraiser Trainee looking for Supervisor in San Diego area or LA area.

    Just got my trainee license. I am looking for a Supervisor. I am currently in San Diego but living with family so I can easily move to LA if there is a job opportunity there. If anyone has any advice for a trainee to find someone that would be helpful as well.
  7. C

    New trainee with older supervisor - Advice?

    After searching for almost a year, I have finally found a Certified General Appraiser to sponsor me while I get my hours! My supervisor is 75 years old and still very old school, and I have heard from fellow trainees that the experience log is easy to mess up. So my question here is - does...
  8. S

    Advice For A Newbie

    Hi. I'm new around here so please forgive me if this has been asked before too many times. I am a RE sales associate in south Florida and not long after getting into the business I discovered that I loved the valuation part better than the sales part so I took classes to become an appraiser...
  9. Dallas Scott Wilke

    1073 Condo>project Information>general Description>type

    I'm a Trainee, and I'm working on a Condo for the first time. What is the required UAD format/possible answers under "Type" in Project Information > General Description?
  10. J

    Appraiser Trainee Seeking Mentor In Denver, Co

    I am seeking a local appraiser who is willing to take on a trainee to help with their workload. I am very computer savvy and I would bring some web design, SEO and marketing experience to your team. I have a bachelors degree in marketing, a MBA and I worked in real estate through collage (a big...
  11. J

    Newbie Here

    I am a retired police officer who is starting a second career. I am in the process of taking the classes but I am having no luck finding a trainer who will let me get the hours I need. Can anyone give me some advise where I can look ? Thank you.
  12. Heathman914

    Now What? Trainee To Certified

    It was a long road to get here but I finally became Certified last month after passing the exam on the first attempt! This took me a lot longer than originally anticipated for various reasons including: 1. Working under a certified that wouldn’t sign my log but did a great job of leading me on...
  13. A Brit in California

    Taking On A Trainee. 10 - 15 Per Hour

    About 3 months ago I took on my first trainee. First and probably last. After about 2 months they went to work full time with another appraiser long before I was ever able to recoup any of the money/time spent helping to train that person. After talking with several other appraisers.....one of...
  14. D

    Does A Trainee Need To Sign A Report In Order To Get Experience Hours Credit?

    I am a trainee in Florida applying for my Cert Res. I finally got my audit request and one report was an FHA appraisal (trainees can't sign FHA appraisals) and the other was an appraisal where a condition of the report was that a trainee could not sign. We noted my significant assistance in both...
  15. W

    Help Needed - State Denying License Upgrade

    Hi all, I'm seeking any advice on who to contact or what I should do with the following; - I am a trainee who recently completed all of the requirements to obtain my certification, the last of which was/is the 2,500 hour experience requirement. After sending in all of my license application...
  16. wward35634

    Trainee Finally Making Ends Meet Shooting Comp Photos!

    I am an AT in Los Angeles and I found a decent shop to take me on part time. The problem is that I am only being paid $12/hr for 3 days a week, and one of those days was being spent taking comp photos! I couldn't make ends meet, so.... I noticed that comp photos take up a lot of time in this...
  17. A Brit in California

    Looking To Become An Appraiser?

    Just wanted to post a few random thoughts about new appraisers, trainees and those thinking about becoming appraisers. I've been working with my first trainee now for about 2-3 months. He has a real estate background as a broker so he knows the "lingo" so to speak. With all his real estate...
  18. bks

    Initial Trainee Coursework

    I am planning to begin my initial Trainee coursework at Gold Coast Real Estate School next month. I am currently a real estate agent and but want to add an Appraisal license to my resume. Any input on Gold Coast in terms if I should wait instead for AI classes, or advice on how to get secure a...
  19. MJM187

    Searching For A Trainer (pittsburgh, Pa)

    Hello Appraisers, I have spent the last few months searching for a new career and after doing some heavy research on what appraising has to offer. I believe that it may be the right career path for me. I am now searching for a trainer who may want to take me under his or her wing in the...
  20. B

    Appraiser With Assessor's Office (ventura County)

    Hello everyone, I am currently an Appraiser Trainee, applied for a position in the accessor's office and have a Written Examination coming up. I'm super excited and wanted to see if anyone has tips, recommendations etc. for the written exam and the possible interview process in general. Any...
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