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  1. Hydei

    Appraisal Trainee

    Hello everyone, If you are interested to work with a professional appraise who has a lot of experience in this market and to be familiar with soft wares and know how to reconcile, please contact to me and see attached my resume. I am very persistent and reliable to work with and grow our business.
  2. A

    Phoenix, AZ - *Motivated Veteran* seeking trainee position

    Hello! I’m a very motivated veteran with a bachelor's degree in search of an Appraisal Trainee position. I’m hard working and eager to begin a successful career. Thank you, Zack 602-five77-8one63
  3. ChristianG

    AZ Trainee Education recommendation

    Hello, fellow appraisers, A friend in AZ wants to become a trainee. He's got a mentor but looking for a school. I learned with Georgia MLS Training education (back in 2017) and I thought it was good. I remember the whole thing was about $650. Now he's asking me about education but I only know...
  4. patbritton

    Seeking trainer/mentor for SE Michigan (A2, Ypsi, Wayne County, etc.)

    I am a former realtor (+5 years), loan officer (+3 years) and investment advisor (+10 years), now seeking to join the appraisal industry. I am hoping there might be a CR or CG in SE Michigan who's looking for some competent help and assistance in exchange for training :) I know, it's a process...
  5. L

    Appraiser Trainee looking for Supervisor in San Diego area or LA area.

    Just got my trainee license. I am looking for a Supervisor. I am currently in San Diego but living with family so I can easily move to LA if there is a job opportunity there. If anyone has any advice for a trainee to find someone that would be helpful as well.
  6. C

    New trainee with older supervisor - Advice?

    After searching for almost a year, I have finally found a Certified General Appraiser to sponsor me while I get my hours! My supervisor is 75 years old and still very old school, and I have heard from fellow trainees that the experience log is easy to mess up. So my question here is - does...
  7. S

    Advice For A Newbie

    Hi. I'm new around here so please forgive me if this has been asked before too many times. I am a RE sales associate in south Florida and not long after getting into the business I discovered that I loved the valuation part better than the sales part so I took classes to become an appraiser...
  8. Dallas Scott Wilke

    1073 Condo>project Information>general Description>type

    I'm a Trainee, and I'm working on a Condo for the first time. What is the required UAD format/possible answers under "Type" in Project Information > General Description?
  9. J

    Appraiser Trainee Seeking Mentor In Denver, Co

    I am seeking a local appraiser who is willing to take on a trainee to help with their workload. I am very computer savvy and I would bring some web design, SEO and marketing experience to your team. I have a bachelors degree in marketing, a MBA and I worked in real estate through collage (a big...
  10. J

    Newbie Here

    I am a retired police officer who is starting a second career. I am in the process of taking the classes but I am having no luck finding a trainer who will let me get the hours I need. Can anyone give me some advise where I can look ? Thank you.
  11. Heathman914

    Now What? Trainee To Certified

    It was a long road to get here but I finally became Certified last month after passing the exam on the first attempt! This took me a lot longer than originally anticipated for various reasons including: 1. Working under a certified that wouldn’t sign my log but did a great job of leading me on...
  12. A Brit in California

    Taking On A Trainee. 10 - 15 Per Hour

    About 3 months ago I took on my first trainee. First and probably last. After about 2 months they went to work full time with another appraiser long before I was ever able to recoup any of the money/time spent helping to train that person. After talking with several other appraisers.....one of...
  13. D

    Does A Trainee Need To Sign A Report In Order To Get Experience Hours Credit?

    I am a trainee in Florida applying for my Cert Res. I finally got my audit request and one report was an FHA appraisal (trainees can't sign FHA appraisals) and the other was an appraisal where a condition of the report was that a trainee could not sign. We noted my significant assistance in both...
  14. W

    Help Needed - State Denying License Upgrade

    Hi all, I'm seeking any advice on who to contact or what I should do with the following; - I am a trainee who recently completed all of the requirements to obtain my certification, the last of which was/is the 2,500 hour experience requirement. After sending in all of my license application...
  15. wward35634

    Trainee Finally Making Ends Meet Shooting Comp Photos!

    I am an AT in Los Angeles and I found a decent shop to take me on part time. The problem is that I am only being paid $12/hr for 3 days a week, and one of those days was being spent taking comp photos! I couldn't make ends meet, so.... I noticed that comp photos take up a lot of time in this...
  16. A Brit in California

    Looking To Become An Appraiser?

    Just wanted to post a few random thoughts about new appraisers, trainees and those thinking about becoming appraisers. I've been working with my first trainee now for about 2-3 months. He has a real estate background as a broker so he knows the "lingo" so to speak. With all his real estate...
  17. bks

    Initial Trainee Coursework

    I am planning to begin my initial Trainee coursework at Gold Coast Real Estate School next month. I am currently a real estate agent and but want to add an Appraisal license to my resume. Any input on Gold Coast in terms if I should wait instead for AI classes, or advice on how to get secure a...
  18. MJM187

    Searching For A Trainer (pittsburgh, Pa)

    Hello Appraisers, I have spent the last few months searching for a new career and after doing some heavy research on what appraising has to offer. I believe that it may be the right career path for me. I am now searching for a trainer who may want to take me under his or her wing in the...
  19. B

    Appraiser With Assessor's Office (ventura County)

    Hello everyone, I am currently an Appraiser Trainee, applied for a position in the accessor's office and have a Written Examination coming up. I'm super excited and wanted to see if anyone has tips, recommendations etc. for the written exam and the possible interview process in general. Any...
  20. Prufrock

    Appraisal Training/paid Mentorship

    Hello, I am a residential appraiser working out of Boston. I have been in business for about 10 years. I want to learn commercial appraising and to that effect I have been taking classes and will complete most of the commercial classes required by the end of this year. I have learned and...
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