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Jun 27, 2017
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This is to announce the creation of an open source project for a new Appraisal Model Adjustment Standard (AMAS) located on Github.com:


I am in contact (email exchange and the like) with the creators and developers of both systems, i.e. statistians at Salford Systems and Stephen Milborrow who created Earth and should be able to get some cooperation from them). I've worked with Jeff Bradford (Clickforms) down in San Jose and have been a customer of Alamode going way back. So, I am hoping for some cooperation in that area.

It is intended that AMAS will be a fully open standard, with an MIT License - which allows developers to incorporate it into their code, without affecting their licensing to any substantial degree.

I have my own company and software to attend to. So, this may be a bit of a strain on my resources, so help would be appreciated.

1. I have already developed, years ago, ANTLR/C# based software for parsing the Salford Systems MARS output and converting into Excel Macros - in fact it generates an Excel spreadsheet for comps. I will make this open source. It needs to be cleaned up (e.g. commented) and updated of course. I will do that as soon as possible.

2. Excel will be used for initial testing of comps adjustments. If appraisers wish to use the software for their own appraisals, they will be free to do so, of course. But they have to take full responsibility for use of the product and any defects it may have. ... So, they must rely on their own judgement as to the soundness of the code, design and algorithms.

Any who are interested in testing can sign up as contributors. As far as C# development, - that is also possible. Likely I am going to be reluctant to let anyone change the core parse code unless they are very experienced developers. But creating supporting tools, utilities and software, should be fairly easy. But check with me first.
Not open for further replies.
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